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Eye on You: Benefits of a CCTV System

January 16th, 2021
CCTV System

Security for your business is our business. In addition to services such as locks, delayed egress systems, and access controls we also offer video surveillance such as Closed Circuit Television systems. You may not have considered a CCTV system as a possible portion of your premises security plan, but there’s a number of benefits to a CCTV system for your business.

Deter Crime – Perhaps the most obvious possibility, a CCTV system will make potential criminals think twice before making an attempt on your property. A sign that your property is under video surveillance will by itself ensure that the message is gotten across, but you can add to this by a visible camera light or a monitor display reminding of a portion of the recording views.

Offer Evidence in Case of Crime – Occasionally, the deterrence effect of a CCTV system won’t be enough, some criminals are simply too determined to go through with their plans. In these cases, your CCTV will have your back offering evidence helpful to the authorities investigating the incident. Ensuring that the criminals responsible for damaging your property will serve as an additional deterrent to any future possible violations of your site.

Supervise Employees- Outside of curtailing criminal activity, CCTV can provide a useful tool in the supervision and management of your employees. In addition to preventing theft that would fall under criminal activity, this can be a useful way to ensure the quality of work and dedication employees show when they think you aren’t looking. Observing interaction with customers or how they care for the property can give you a useful view in what’s happening with your business when you aren’t there.

Assist With Business Decisions– It can be easy to put blinders on when observing your business situation. If you’re looking at a busy day, you can get caught up in the hectic pace, which makes it difficult to be objective in making objective decisions. With CCTV however you can see an entire day’s business in a few minutes, allowing you to verify things like foot traffic patterns or busy times in the day.

Better Insurance Rates- Finally, CCTV may qualify you for better rates with your insurance company. Particularly because it can deter criminal activity, liability insurance may offer lower rates. If the worst case happens, your CCTV recordings may also help with filing claims, providing a record of the state of your property before events such as fire or flooding.

Considering factors like this, a CCTV system is a tool you’ll want to consider including with your security package. Contact our helpful staff for more information today.

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