Understanding the different types of CCTV cameras gives you the ability to choose the right ones for your needs. Surveillance is a big part of keeping your business secure and the right CCTV security cameras will make a difference.

There are a few specific types of cameras you will want to consider. Let’s look at each of them to see what they are and how they can help your security system.

10 Types of CCTV Cameras

Offering both an interior and an exterior option, done cameras are one of the most common CCTV security cameras. They look like a dome instead of a camera, which means it’s hard to know which way it will be pointing. These cameras deter criminals and they offer vandal-resistant features.

Offering a good camera for distances up to 40 feet, C-mount cameras come with detachable lenses and fit for different applications. They are commonly used indoors.

Another common CCTV camera is the bullet camera. They are often used outside and provide long-distance viewing with a protective casing. The compact size and night vision make bullet cameras a good choice for your security system.

The key with day/night cameras is the ability to capture images during the day and at night. These cameras come in many sizes and record in color or black and white.

Sometimes it’s beneficial to make it clear a camera is present and other times you don’t want a criminal to know. These cameras are harder to spot and tend to blend in with the area.

A CCTV camera with the ability to zoom out without losing focus, varifocal cameras work well for dead zones and close-ups.

A specialized camera created to pick up images in low light conditions, the dark fighter camera works during the day and night. Without the need for an extra light source, these cameras can pick up very high-quality images even during the black of night.

Another specialized type of camera is the ANPR/LPR camera. This type of camera will pick up registration plates and read them. They work well for hotel overstay management, toll booths, parking lots, and more. ANRP stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, while LPR stands for License Plate Recognition.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom or PTZ Cameras provide an option for security guards to move as necessary. The camera can pan, tilt, and zoom as necessary to capture the proper picture.

A great choice for airports, seaports and other critical infrastructures, thermal image cameras or infrared cameras pick up moving figures even when it’s pitch black.

Many of these CCTV cameras offer high definition, network capabilities, and many other features. It’s best to speak with a security professional to find out which CCTV security cameras are best for your needs.


You own plenty of valuable items, whether valuable in dollars or in sentiment, that you keep in your home. Some of the items you own should be kept in a home safe, preferably a fireproof home safe.

There are several things you should consider keeping in a safe within your home. Here are some of the top items to put in a safe instead of just leaving exposed in your home.

10 Items that Belong in a Home Safe

All guns should be kept in a safe unloaded with the magazine separate from the actual gun. Ammunition should also be kept in a safe. Special gun safes are designed to keep your weapons locked up properly.

If you own physical gold, silver, copper, or other precious metals, they should be kept in a home safe. These items are valuable and belong under lock and key.

While not all jewelry is valuable enough to go in a safe, some jewelry should remain locked up when it’s not being worn. Expensive engagement rings, family heirlooms, and other high-value jewelry belong in a fireproof home safe.

Several documents should be stored in a fireproof safe including:

  • Insurance policies
  • Bank account information
  • Wills and living trusts
  • Health care documents
  • And more!

These documents need to be protected and a physical backup copy is a good idea, even if you have them stored on your computer.

If a fire were to happen or a break-in, having pictures of the items you own will help with insurance. You store these pictures on a CD or thumb drive and toss them in your fireproof safe at home.

While you will likely carry your driver’s license with you daily, other ID documents don’t need to be kept on your person. Passports, birth certificates, and social security cards should be stored in a fireproof home safe.

It’s a good idea to place spare car keys and spare keys for other things, such as a storage unit into your home safe.

If you have a safe deposit box for your valuables, the keys for it should go into your home safe. This will not only help to protect these keys during a disaster, but it will also keep you from losing them.

If a fire happens or another type of emergency event, having some cash is a good idea. Storing some emergency cash in your home safe is a good idea.

Any other items you plan to pass down to the next generation or consider to be valuable to your family should also be stored in a safe.


As a new homeowner, there are many things you will be learning for the first time. One of those things will be how to keep your home and your family safe on a regular basis without it interfering too much with life. Everybody knows to lock the door when they leave and to keep an eye out for suspicious people in the neighborhood, but what else will it take to keep your home and family secure?

There are some things you may not have thought to do, such as getting to know the neighbors and changing the locks when you move in. Take a look at these five tips to get you started when it comes to new homeownership and keeping things secure.

Replace the locks

The first thing you should do when you move into a new home is to change your locks. Most likely, the previous owners still have a key somewhere as does anyone involved in selling the property to you. That means that your home is not technically secure and available only to your family.

Make sure you change your locks upon arriving at the new home to make sure no one else has access to it, such as the previous family or realtor. Then, make sure you reconfigure your garage door code.

Get a home security system

Next, you’ll want to install a home security system. Make your home less appealing to a criminal that enters the neighborhood, from the trimmed bushes allowing for a great line of sight to the motion-detecting lights, make sure no criminal will want to bother breaking into your home.

Be sure to set up your home with a trustworthy home security system that will notify you in the event that there is a security breach. Make sure to have a professional install it and remember to tell your homeowners insurance since you’ll likely receive a discount for having one installed.

Get to know your neighbors and the area

One of the simplest ways to keep your home and family safe is to get to know your neighbors and your surroundings. When you know who lives near you, it’ll be easier to spot a visitor to the area to watch for suspicious activity. You’ll also have neighbors to watch your home as you do the same for them in the event that suspicious activity is taking place.

You can even join the neighborhood watch program and volunteer to collect mail and newspapers for neighbors that go on vacation, as they can do the same for you. Then, be sure to get to know your surroundings to get familiar with what habits are normal in the neighborhood compared to the times when something new comes up. Do you always see this certain service provider and delivery truck, while that moving van or construction crew has never been here before?

Think about fire safety

In addition to security, you’ll want to think about fire safety. Make sure you’ve made a plan for home fire defense and have a fire monitoring package with your home security system. Smoke detectors throughout the house are vital, as well as fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Keep up with the maintenance

Having all of these items checked off will be a great feeling, but keeping up with maintaining everything is just as important. You need to be regularly checking your outside lights, your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, your fire extinguishers, and your window locks to ensure everything is in working order.

If something isn’t functioning properly, it can be all it takes to have a breach in your safety. Make sure you are trimming the bushes, verifying your home security system is working, and things on your property meant to deter an intruder are ready to perform.

These are the top five ways that you can make sure your new home is secure and prepared in the event of a fire or home invasion.


Building manager services allow control and monitoring from a central location. This type of system can be installed to give your security team full control over the utility equipment including the HVAC system, fire alarms, fire hydrant panels, water tank monitoring, CCTV, access control, and more.

There are many good reasons to choose building management services for your building. Whether you’re trying to create a safer environment or a more secure building, this type of service offers a good choice. Here are three reasons to implement a building management service for your specific needs.

Safety and Security

With the right BMS, you can monitor the entire building from one central location. This offers the most convenient way to make sure all your systems are working properly and continue to work properly, no matter what’s going on.

With the right building management service, you can order maintenance earlier for important systems and avoid the high cost of things breaking down. You’ll be able to keep track of what’s going on from who enters the building to how well your HVAC system is working.

A closer eye on things offers better security and safety throughout your building. This is one of the main reasons any business decides to add building management services to its security system.

Better Operations

Overall, with the right building management services, you gain more efficient operations for your building. Making your building more automated offers an easier way to watch the security, but also an easier way to monitor important systems, such as the smoke alarms and lighting.

Whether you need to monitor the energy consumption, the generators, the elevators, or any other important system in your building, a BMS will make it possible. Imagine having your finger on the pulse of all the most important systems in your building all from one place.

Better Responsiveness

Another reason to use building management services is the better responsiveness you gain. Whether it’s a residential building and you need to field maintenance requests or it’s a business building and you need to know what needs to be done, a BMS can help make this possible. With the right smart apps and software built-in to the system, you can easily field all service requests for any reason. It can become automated making things much easier and making your building maintenance seamless.

Along with these three reasons, a building management service can make your operation more cost-effective and help to lower your liability. With the right system in place, you can better run your building without all the headaches and hassles. You’ll have an easier way to monitor everything and know what’s going on at any time with your building.

If you want a better way to run your billing with incredible security features, a building management service is a right choice. Complete with access control and many other features, this type of system can make your building run smoother without all the normal struggles.

Home Locksmith Secrets from the Experts

Being a locksmith might seem like a simple job but, in reality, it is quite complicated. This is one of the oldest professions in the world, helping people maintain their properties safe. As technology progresses, so does the field of locksmithing. When it comes to house locksmith services, there are a lot of secrets you might be fascinated to discover.


Even though contractors offer a wide range of services, including deadbolt installations, this is a job that’s best left in the hands of genuine professionals. At first glance, you might consider that the deadbolt was correctly installed but, in the majority of the situations, your safety is at risk. Only an experienced locksmith can handle such services, helping you stay safe and keep potential prowlers at a safe distance.


Just because a key has “do not duplicate” stamped on it, this does not mean it cannot be duplicated. In fact, such keys are often duplicated, putting you and your properties at risk. What you want to do is contact a professional locksmith and inquire about high-security house locks. These come with keys that cannot be so easily duplicated, so they offer an additional level of protection.


When you have a strict budget, you might be tempted to purchase an affordable lock and hope that everything will turn out for the best. However, such locks are not sturdy, and they can be easily broken. The good news is that many locksmiths offer estimate services for free and they will be able to provide you with fair pricing, helping you choose a lock that corresponds to both your budget and security needs.


If you live in a community with a high crime rate, you might be afraid of break-ins. In this situation, you might want to avoid the thumb-turn deadbolt, which makes it simple for someone to get inside your house (especially if there is a window near the door). Instead, talk to your locksmith and inquire about the double-cylinder lock; this can be locked from the inside as well, reducing the risk of break-ins and keeping you safe at all times.


This is probably not that big of a secret, but it is essential to be aware of it. If you have decided to buy a new property, the first thing that you will need to do is change the locks. Keep in mind that other people might have duplicate keys from the originals, so your security is at risk. The golden rule to follow is — new house, new keys. Get a professional contractor and make those new keys as soon as you can.

In conclusion, these are some of the most important house locksmith secrets you need to know. As you have seen, only a professional locksmith can help you stay safe and protect your property.

3 Ways to Increase Security at Your Business

For many people opening and running their own business is achieving their biggest dream. Their business becomes their livelihood and they will do everything in their power to protect it. For some people this means installing high-tech, high security systems that will ensure nobody accesses their business that shouldn’t be there. There are many different systems and services that are available to ensure that your business stays secure. However, something’s are just proven to work better than others. The following three ideas for increasing commercial security are known to provide some of the highest levels of comfort to business owners and employees in terms of feeling safe and knowing their workplace is protected from outside threats.

Provide ID Cards

A great tool to increase security is providing ID cards to everybody that is supposed to have access to the buildings of your business. ID cards can be incorporated into key code systems that prevent people from getting into areas of the business that they are not supposed to be. By asking everybody on your staff to wear their ID card in a visible place they become a nice tool for identifying people’s authorization while simply passing them in the halls. Another great reason to use ID cards, which isn’t necessarily about security, is that it gives everybody an opportunity to learn each other’s names!

Utilize an Access Control System

For ultimate security you may want to consider using a commercial access control system. These types of systems vary in depth and breadth in regard to what they can and cannot see and monitor. For instance, some security systems may be able to tell you who is entering a certain section of the building and at what time or utilize pin pads and fingerprint locks! There is almost no limit to what an access control system can do!

A High Quality Safe for Valuables

Whether it is groundbreaking research or cash, something are definitely more safe under lock and key. A high security safe is a great resource or a company that has valuables that need to be kept out of the hands anyone without proper authorization. There are many different types of safes, so be sure to talk to a specialist about which is right for you and your business specific needs.

If you’re looking for ways to improve commercial security in Queens, Sparks or the neighboring communities reach out to Queens Best Locksmith & Hardware. Our expert locksmiths offer a variety of services designed to keep your business safe, including high security and master key systems. To learn more or to speak with a commercial locksmith in Queens give us a call at 800-852-8996 today.

The Value of Master Key Systems

The magic of master key systems lies on the lock. Not the key. The keys are just cut to lock and unlock the doors. The key feature of such systems is the way the locks are rekeyed. The success of these systems depends on how well they are planned from the very beginning. You see, master key lock systems must follow the structure of the facility, respect the security requirements in the building, and follow the hierarchy of the business. It’s hardly surprising they are tailored to match everyone’s needs! When everything is done by the book, the value of master key systems is great.

The master key lock system explained

In every building, there are several locks and they open & lock with their matching keys. The goal is to reduce the number of keys in circulation in order to better control access, strip from the burden of carrying multiple keys, and cut down the expenses – resulting from key replacement services. All that without losing the protection high-security locks offer!

So, that’s the objective of master key systems: convenience, simplification, reduced expenses, high security.

The philosophy of such systems is to create a design, which will allow some people to have access to all or some of the areas/doors within the building. And so, a design might be as simple as including one sole master key that opens all the doors in the building, while all the doors also open with their individual keys.

Things often get more complex when it comes to big residential buildings or office master key systems. In such cases, you may have:

  • One grand master key to open all 100 doors in the building
  • Master keys that will open the 10-12 doors in each different area in the building
  • Sub-master keys that will unlock a few of the 10-12 door in each area
  • The change keys that will open each individual door

The locksmiths rekey locks to work with their own key but also with a master key or more master keys. Sometimes, a group of locks are keyed alike to open with the same key, while they can still open with the sub-master key. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Simply put, the key that opens more than one door is a master key. The difference is that master keys may open a different number of doors or groups of doors within the building. And there’s usually the grand master key that opens all doors in any group/area of the building.

The benefits of master key systems

Master key systems allow you to choose which people will have access to which parts of the building and so you can keep things organized and under control. When it comes to businesses, it helps you maintain hierarchy in the group of people working under one roof. In other words, the system represents the structure of the corporation and is designed to expand along with the business.

Residential building master key systems make management a lot easier and spare you from the nightmare of tragedies. With the superintendent having a master key that unlocks all home doors, a sudden flood can be addressed quickly. If a door won’t unlock after an earthquake or during a fire, there’ll be someone with another key to open the door.

In today’s world full of extraordinary high-security door locks, such systems stand at the top of the list. And it’s no wonder. They allow you to make any plan you want and thus are fully customizable. They offer security since there are limited keys in circulation and you know who has which key for which door – hence, full control over your security and management. And such systems are not static, but can grow along with your needs – given that you choose an expandable master key system. So, the benefits are plenty and the real value of master key systems lies on planning in great detail to achieve the utmost.

Eye on You: Benefits of a CCTV System

CCTV System

Security for your business is our business. In addition to services such as locks, delayed egress systems, and access controls we also offer video surveillance such as Closed Circuit Television systems. You may not have considered a CCTV system as a possible portion of your premises security plan, but there’s a number of benefits to a CCTV system for your business.

Deter Crime – Perhaps the most obvious possibility, a CCTV system will make potential criminals think twice before making an attempt on your property. A sign that your property is under video surveillance will by itself ensure that the message is gotten across, but you can add to this by a visible camera light or a monitor display reminding of a portion of the recording views.

Offer Evidence in Case of Crime – Occasionally, the deterrence effect of a CCTV system won’t be enough, some criminals are simply too determined to go through with their plans. In these cases, your CCTV will have your back offering evidence helpful to the authorities investigating the incident. Ensuring that the criminals responsible for damaging your property will serve as an additional deterrent to any future possible violations of your site.

Supervise Employees- Outside of curtailing criminal activity, CCTV can provide a useful tool in the supervision and management of your employees. In addition to preventing theft that would fall under criminal activity, this can be a useful way to ensure the quality of work and dedication employees show when they think you aren’t looking. Observing interaction with customers or how they care for the property can give you a useful view in what’s happening with your business when you aren’t there.

Assist With Business Decisions– It can be easy to put blinders on when observing your business situation. If you’re looking at a busy day, you can get caught up in the hectic pace, which makes it difficult to be objective in making objective decisions. With CCTV however you can see an entire day’s business in a few minutes, allowing you to verify things like foot traffic patterns or busy times in the day.

Better Insurance Rates- Finally, CCTV may qualify you for better rates with your insurance company. Particularly because it can deter criminal activity, liability insurance may offer lower rates. If the worst case happens, your CCTV recordings may also help with filing claims, providing a record of the state of your property before events such as fire or flooding.

Considering factors like this, a CCTV system is a tool you’ll want to consider including with your security package. Contact our helpful staff for more information today.

What Does a Modern Professional Locksmith Do?

The blacksmithing profession has a history as old as civilization itself. It dates way back to the ancient Pharaoh’s, with tombs containing locking devices regarded as the forerunners of modern locking systems. Over time, the craft of blacksmithing has changed significantly, and it continues to change at a rapid pace. The modern professional locksmith is your security expert who can take care of all your security needs.

Your modern professional locksmith can, of course, cut you a key, but your key will be duplicated on a modern precision key cutting machine, the key will be of high-quality nickel-plated brass, and it will work. Your professional locksmith can also design, manufacture and install a restricted keying system or master keying system. Using world-class modern software, and with access to a wide range of restricted key options, you can be confident of having total control over who has access to keys for your property.

In the early 1990s, transponder technology was introduced to the automotive industry. This major initiative, which was introduced to make vehicles more secure, meant locksmiths had to almost immediately learn a whole new set of skills, and purchase new equipment, just to be able to provide consumers with automotive keys. Perhaps the biggest myth in automotive blacksmithing is that only car dealers can provide new or replacement keys. While this may be true for some very high-end vehicles, the reality is the modern professional locksmith can make keys for most vehicles on the American and New Zealand market. And if you have lost your keys, the locksmith can come to you; the dealer will most likely need the car to be towed to them.

Perhaps the biggest change for professional locksmiths has been a shift towards electronic locking systems. Commercial properties have for many years used electronic locking systems so they can monitor who accesses a property when they access it, and so they can quickly and easily change or deny access.

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in consumers embracing Airbnb properties. While many Airbnb properties still use a physical key, many others are using electronic locks with digital keypads, and access codes that expire once the rental period are finished. Some can even be programmed remotely, so the property owner does not even need to go to the property to change the code. Consumers now want the same sort of convenience for their homes, and your modern professional locksmiths have the necessary skills, and access to the very latest products, to provide consumers with the convenience of electronic security in their homes.

If security is on your mind, then look no further than a modern professional locksmith, but make sure they are a member of the Best Locksmith & Hardware. Your closest professional locksmith can be quickly found on the Best Locksmith & Hardware website: http://bestlocksmithhardware.com/

Tips for finding cheap locksmith

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Visit our retail store to see the range of safes and fireproof cabinets we have on display.

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